HapiHyper Services

Our Services & Offers

App Development

Creation of mobile app solutions for both the android and ios platform.

Web Development

Development of websites using the latest web technology and designs.


Designing amazing front-end interfaces that give users an amazing feel and experience.


Creation of maximum quality animations to promote your business or software.

Graphic Design

We offer graphic design services such as logos, business cards, fliers, digital arts, etc.


Importation of any kind of goods into the country totally risk free.


Exportation of any kind of goods outside the country totally risk free.

Business Consultation

Get free business consultation services concerning tech startups from us.

Why Choose Us?

Top Reasons to Work with HapiHyper

Dedicated to our Craft

We are a team of highly trained professionals dedicated to giving our clients the best of our expertise.

Fast and Reliable

Speed and reliability is a culture we have come to revolve our workspace around.


Create software solutions at affordable prices while still enjoying our one-year free bug fix policy.

Modernised Technology

Gain access to the latest technologies in existence as we strive to inspire the next generation.